Thoughts #14

​Forevers float, I don’t.

Just a moment for that damp sand by the beach. 

Nobody wants to hold it. Nobody can seep it through their fingers. 

It’s hard to judge cruelty when you’ve never know kindness. Isn’t it? 

People change, not with time. But because they’re too afraid of being remarked as constant. 

I’m always a little sad, not because there are millions of songs on heartbreaks. But because my thoughts are deep and fear brimming. Over thinking has become my salvage now. Maybe; Probably!
Poetry is not just about wanderlust. It’s petrichor to my dried blood. A sedative drug. It’s about the clouds, caressing the sky until they dissolve. 

Wondering when will I be able to say ‘Maybe I am not myself but a reflection in you; as you walk,’ to someone. 

Dreams are nothing but human and everything but an illusion. Memories are black souls, screeching And whispering. 

All it takes is juggling of a few words and some excliamation marks. 

An awful life! 

Can be a life full of awws!!

Still miserable?


Therefore I am.


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