How to view problems in our life

​To live without a problem is very difficult, almost humanly impossible. Why?

 Because a problem gives you a distraction. A problem gives you an occupation. A problem gives you a busyness without any business. 

A problem engages you. If there is no problem, you will not be able to cling to the periphery of your being. You will be sucked by the center.

And the center of your being is empty. It is just like the hub of a wheel. The whole wheel moves on the empty hub. Your innermost core is empty, nothing, nothingness, shunyam, void, abysslike. 

You are afraid of that emptiness, so you go on clinging to the rim of the wheel or, at the most, if you are a little daring, then you go on clinging to the spokes; but you never move towards the hub. One starts feeling afraid, shaky.

Problems help you. Some problem to solve; how can you go within? People  say, “We want to go within, but there are problems.” They think because of the problems they are not going within. The real case is just the opposite: because they don’t want to go within, they are creating problems.

Let this understanding become as deep in you as possible: your worries are more in magnitude than your problems 


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