The importance of taking risks in our lives

​Is risk-taking an important part of life? I would say that it is. The way I see it, we need risks in our life to grow stronger, as well as to grow as a person. 

Risk-taking is a way we teach ourselves how to overcome the many obstacles that we encounter throughout the lives we all live. Taking risks is rather inevitable.

We take risks from the time we begin to walk all the way up until we are spending our last few moments on our death beds. It is actually impossible to live life without taking a handful of risks. Think about it…

The day we take our first few steps as a toddler, we risk either falling on our butts or accomplishing our first walk. As we grow as children we risk going to school, where we could get bullied or make life-long friendships. Every morning, it is a risk waking up. We never know how our morning could go.

We could wake up to a good day, a bad day, good news, great news or bad news, reaching accomplishment in our day or falling to our disastrous fate 

 Applying to an interesting college, starting a new job, moving from home and starting a new family are some of the smaller risks that we take throughout the lives we live. 

Some people choose not to take these risks, and in the end, they don’t know what was being passed up.
The most important thing to remember about risk-taking is that without taking that risk, you’ll never know what could happen. Even though it is like gambling with life, every risk has an effect that it will leave on your life, whether it be negative or positive, it is important to test it. You’ll never know what the outcome could be, without trying it.


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