Inspiring poems

Here is an inspiring and a powerful poem from poet wisdom wise wonder from Nigeria 

I fell too much impressed by the way he writes so that I couldn’t stop sharing it 
“Save the Children” 

I was born innocent and blameless, 

with no cankers of blemish fear, 

I bore in my heart a dream, 

yes! a dream to blossom my country,

but now, I lay asleep at the bosom of a safer place, 

my dad’s house has being fed to the ashes of the air, 

the town I live in, 

has being blur with venom of volatile agony, 

I am a child, born soft and easy, 

tender and fair, 

made it to the camp of hope, 

the journey is a scar in my memory, 

mark with scary moment , 

crossing the turbulent sea,

all that my eyes gaze at ripped off the courage out of my heart , 

the story of some of my age group  never ended, 

like safer ever after, 

my little friend was found by the shores of the sea, 

dead or alive? 


I sit on the wheelchair of my comfort, 

for shattered are the bones of my feet, 

remembering the beautiful times I had with my parent, 

who died by the storm of an unexpected bomb, 

grief of pain runs a fuss in my mind ,

My mum, She’s a brave and virtuous woman, 

she paint my smile with the color of happiness, 

she gives me water amidst the midst of the fire, 

she works day and night to ensure my lips never taste crumbs , 

covering me with the blanket of so much care, 

at night she tells me bedtime story, 

and always tells me,

that like a wink of darkness into light, 

one day all this will be over, 

 a violent bullet shadow with wickedness fell upon her, 

then I cried “I want you back mummy, 

my only life in this life” ,

then I remember her soothing words, 

like a wink of darkness into light, 

one day all this will be over,

A day before yesterday peace was jailed, 

yesterday love tried to bail her out, 

but hatred with his company never gave love a chance to speak,

today peace is no where to be found, 

love has went on an exile in the heart of man, 

and tomorrow? 

save the future, save the Children..


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