Don’t ask me how I am 

​Don’t ask me how I am

If you only want to do some small talk

For small talk bores me

And doesn’t seem like a crosswalk

Between the people that are we


Don’t ask me how I am

If you don’t really care about it

For I hate meaningless conversations

I hate what doesn’t unravel me

And you, slowly, bit by bit

But if you do ask me how I am

Don’t freak out

When I tell you about the pain

that still slices through me

thinking of my grandfather’s  death 5 years ago


If you ask me how I am

Be prepared

To hear about my first heartbreak

that still clenches my gut only by the thought

Or about the story of the pet fish I lost

If you ask me how I am

Take a little more time out

For I’ll tell you about how happy I am today

Because I sighted a very rare butterfly

Whose wings were golden, and looked beautiful in its own way

Ask me how I am 

Only if you are ready

To know about the little things that carve my world

 To know about what makes me uncomfortable 

To know how the sunlight that filters through the window 

Fills me with a hope that is so profound

Ask me how I am

Only if you can bear

The tales of mythology that rule my heart

The stories of hope and belief and faith

And how the world is too emotionally dependent on art

Ask me how I am

If you are more than willing

Only if you know that you want

To dwell on a world that is full of marvels and dreams

For I want to sew our souls as one

With thoughts that don’t split at the seams

Woven with threads of love; unlike any that have been spun

When you ask me how I am

If all of this is not on your mind

I’ll only pity that you will never have a clue

And I’ll quietly raise my eyes to yours and say,

“I am fine, what about you?”


17 thoughts on “Don’t ask me how I am 

  1. kiranmag says:

    Not so well …I have lost my pet fish just an hour ago …feels as if I have lost a family member …I still remember we brought him 7 years back from a baby of 2 cm he had grown to 15 cm


  2. kiranmag says:

    Thank you Pragalbha Di. ..many times people ask us… how are you?…why is it we tell lies saying we are fine ? Why are we hesitant to tell about the true bad situation we are going through ?


  3. Mackenzie says:

    This gave me big chills… I feel the same way and always tell DJ how much I can’t stand “How are you?” when the person doesn’t want a real answer. (I’ve been guilty of asking too, don’t mistake me). How different our conversations and relationships would look if we were just real with each other and asked with the expectation of truly hearing out the thoughts, hurts, struggles, joys, and pain of each other. Thank you for sharing this. Gosh, your writing always amazes me.

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    • kiranmag says:

      You are such a wonderful person dear sister Mackenzie. ..feeling glad and nice to know about your thoughts and I appreciate them too.Its 3:40 am in India here …I am working on my project


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