Memories of most loved ones 

​You meet many people in your life that you come to love.

Some, you keep for a lifetime.

Most, you have to learn to live without.
They say, “There is an end to everything; to good things as well.”
When people leave, they take a part of us with themselves. 

They leave memories.

Some song, some place, some movie, some story, would always remind you of them and you’ll never be able to hear that song or see that movie or place or read that story without being affected.
And mostly, these will only bring you down. When you would want to move on with your life, erase the pain that comes with the knowledge that those people are no longer in your life; that one song or that one place wouldn’t let you do it. 

You would cry, whine and when someone else would come to fill the void that was left by the ones who’ve already left, you wouldn’t let them; just because one song, one movie made you hang on to the memories so tight, that you damaged yourself from the cuts left behind.
Not letting go of the memories only makes us dwell in a past that ceases to exist.

The only good thing that you can do for yourself is not let the beautiful song become a merciless torture; not let the wonderful place be reduced to nothing but a reminder of what you’ve lost.
Memories are beautiful. Don’t make them hideous. Dont let them take your future away. Tuck them exactly where they belong, exactly where they deserve to be – the past.
“Its a song. Don’t make it a monster.”

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  1. Sunith says:

    The mind is always finding excuses to get bogged down by memories sad or good blaming it on things that were innocent…Good post that makes us aware of our own mind games…

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