​Hope, I think is a wonderful thing. And when people say they can’t find hope in this hopeless world, I feel nothing but pity for them.

Because I, very, very strongly believe that if you look around, hope is everywhere.

I find hope in the first rays of sunlight that makes its way through the little crack in my window every morning.

I find hope in the animals who are beaten, terrified and yet, struggle everyday to feed themselves and live.

Hope is in the pitch-black darkness that is lit by the presence of stars and moons; the simplicity of the beauty being absolutely breathtaking.

Hope is in the refugees who were forced to leave their own lands, and still refused to give up on their lives.

I find hope in the friendships that have lasted for very long, even after the difficulties and times of becoming too hard to bear with.

Hope is in the love-struck couple which has been married for 30 years, and still doesn’t complain of getting bored of each other.

Hope can be dangerous. 

It can make you yearn and wish and crave for something that might never happen; and then burn you down to ashes like the wild-fire that spares nothing.

Yes, it can be dangerous.

But, how can we complain, when it is the most beautiful thing in existence, too?

It lets us make through life when nothing seems right.

It is the thing that we hold on to for dear life when we have nothing left to clutch.

It lets us breathe when miseries of life suffocate us.

It lets us love when nothing but hatred crosses our way.

And most of all, it keeps us alive when death hovers too close.

Afterall, “If you keep hope alive; it will keep you alive.”


4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Love: After Hours says:

    The realist in me struggles with that last sentence: “If you keep hope alive; it will keep you alive.” As much as I try to keep hope alive everyday, hope is also a very easy thing to lose (especially when it doesn’t work out for you). But I understand the message you are conveying in this post and I think it’s beautiful. I also think it’s a great reminder that hope isn’t a solution or an answer to a problem. No, hope is a reminder that we all have to find the good within the bad. Having hope in something, regardless of how dismal the situation, means that we believe that good things are possible.
    Wonderful read. Thank you.

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