After the exam 

Exams exams exams

Over now

Over now

I feel 

Like a bird set free 

From a cage of exams

Fun fun fun

There is going to be fun and enjoyment 

With my batchmates and classmates

There will be short party in college canteen 

We have made folded paper chips of our names 

I am going to pick up the paper chit 

Neha nisha ashwini me & kehkash 

Are the names on five paper chips 

I tossed the folded paper chits in air 

Picked one of them 

I was surprised to find my own name 

Grilled sandwich and tea is their demand 

The order is given 

It’s fun to listen the song played in the canteen 

A jindagi gallay lagale 

Suddenly the song is interrupted by an announcement on the speaker 

Kiran whereever you are 

The principal wants to see you 

For anchoring trial test 

For our college gathering 

You are immediately requested to reach the auditorium hall

I have to go now …all of my friends wishing me all the best

I am hurrying  towards the auditorium hall…see you all  soon 😊


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