My first day of engineering college

A first day of your senior college is always a memorable one …mine too.

Our college has a uniform code though it’s a senior college the uniform has to worn on Tuesday and Saturday.Just a day before admission I had to give my measurements for uniform.A sky blue shirt and dark blue Pant 2# with an I card.

The first college day was a Tuesday so I had to wear my school uniform …it seemed just like going to school but the school bus now replaced by public transport bus.My father and I had gone to the college before by bus for admission so I knew the route very well and the other buses from the college to my house too.

Later on I got familiar with the bus drivers and the conductors of the bus too.In case I remain absent they ask me about it.

So I left for the college 1 hour before the specified time at 730 am.At the bus I met Jijina my school friend who was with me up till junior college.She had a very strong urge to continue with me even in senior college but unfortunately she got admitted to Sinhagad college.Both of us felt very bad as we couldn’t continue together.

My college stop comes before hers so I bid her goodbye and got down.Its about half a km walk towards the college.On the way I could see hostel students heading towards the college.Some of them were too lazy even to walk so they rode bikes😊. The road was full with students in sky blue shirts and dark blue pants heading towards the college.

I approached the Main gate and headed towards the main building where there was a notice telling me which building and which room no I was supposed to go.I was supposed to go to building B room no 204 …it meant second floor 4 the room.

On way I met many faces I had seen during admission process we just smiled at each other.Many students were outsiders from Mumbai, Solapur , Nasik a very few local people like me.Infact I was surprised to some outside students accompanied by parents.I could see the crying faces of mothers and girls…as it was their first time to stay outside home.I considered myself lucky😊.

I was the first student to enter the classroom.On entering I saw the board..on it was written “A warm welcome to the students of FE Electronics and Telecommunications branch”.An overhead projector could be seen.

Slowly the classroom started filling with students.There were 30 benches two seated made of metallic seat and wooden book stand.I sat on the first bench in the middle row.The girl to sit beside me was Kehkasha we just smiled and introduced ourselves …she is one of my best friends till date.

Within a few minutes the classroom begun buzz with our whispering voices.The classroom became silent as the professor arrived. He introduced himself as Mr Khaire pursuing PhD in physics and he would teach us Applied Science Physics ..he would our classteacher and guardian for the first semister.Then it was our turn to introduce ourself.The first lecture was finished in this way.The first lectures was followed by the lectures of other subjects too.

In this way the first day was over …Kehkasha is an outsider so she told me to give a company to college canteen..however I refused as I wanted to return home early.

I hurried myself towards the bus stop …within 5 mins the bus arrived and I was one way to home.


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  1. Advo. R.R.'SAGAR' says:

    उफ्फ वो गुज़रा ज़माना याद आ गया,
    हाथों में किताबें उठाना याद आ गया.!
    यारों के लतीफ़े हसीनों की अदायें और,
    ‘सागर’कभी बॅंक मारना याद आ गया.!!

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