The beginning of a long distance friendship 

My best friend is leaving to study in Australia while I couldn’t be happier for her, I wonder what this means for me.
I wonder if the next time she fights with her parents, will she think of dropping by my place and getting some muffins with me?
Will she message me the next time she panics or feels that an anxiety attack may freeze her to the bones?
Will she text me with her weird questions, which I always try my very best to answer?
Will she send me dumb jokes, and tag me in the countless memes she so often does?

When I can not deal with the world anymore, would she be there, from a world away?
What about our impromptu new year’s sleepover? When everyone out there was partying and I felt more alone than ever. But she came to the rescue and we ended up talking all night. 
What about our plans? She was supposed to be my maid of honour.
I am a crappy cold person who doesn’t do best-friendship too well. She messages me and i reply after 5 hours, she tells me to post here and i promise her to do it next weekend and never get around to it.
But she is my best friend in the world. She knows everything i know, she has been such an incredible person. What would I ever do without my support system?
But then I  think of us, and all we have been through in all the years we have known each other. We evolved from two people who were hardly fond of each other to people who would do anything for each other. No, she doesn’t live anywhere near me. No, she wasn’t in the same school as me. We never depended upon our circumstances to be friends, we were best friends despite them. So why would that ever change?
So yes, my best friend is leaving. My incredible beautiful best friend is leaving to go a few thousand miles away from me. My person, my brave little person is gonna go and meet new people and make new friends and study subjects foreign to her. But I am not scared, all I feel is an incredible amount of pride. After the worst two years of her life, she is going to embark on a lifetime of happiness, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here’s to you. Thank you for brightening up my life. You know I have your back no matter where we are in the world- I’m just a call away.


Your idiot best friend.

-The beginning of a Long Distance Friendship


23 thoughts on “The beginning of a long distance friendship 

  1. Mysson Humane says:

    You really gonna miss your friend … Very engrossing read. God bless this friendship… Keep on touch, skype, mail each other…


  2. Through Meg's Eyes says:

    What an amazing friendship! My best friend and I are also going our separate ways next year, although we will still be able to visit now and then. I just made a post on how to stay as close as ever, even when you’re apart. Maybe check it out? I’m sure you ad your best friend will stay close 🙂

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    • kiranmag says:

      Thank you so much Meg for stopping by …I sure you had a river of emotions flowing through you as you read my post …same happened to me as I wrote this …my friend couldn’t stop river of tears flowing through her eyes as she read this …we talked continuously for two hours about everything…I mean our past

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