Inspiring Poems 

Here is one more inspiring poem from Resp Parupudi Satyavenkatavinodkumar Sir from Hyderabad nicknamed Soul Nectar Swansh ….love the way he puts harsh realities of life in beautiful and inspiring verses 

💖What for spontaneity remains, unobtrusive? 💖

As I walk and walk and walk

I often ponder why do I this 

Day In and day out, I keep walking

Unmindful of weather and whims

I see clouds flowing here and there 

Find animals grazing on the green fields

Vegetation growing in seething sunshine

Weathers changing in their ordained periods

People following their daily chores indifferently

Trade and commerce moving in its own pace

Faith, religion, worships, Sazda keep their sanity

Air, water, Sun shine and shades keep bequeathing

Obstacles, thorns, hindrances and difficulties keep showing up

How many of the above have we could control

How many of these have been able to change

How many of these have been able to fathom

Except for exploiting them to our greed 

Excepting them to tarnish their beauty to suit our comforts

Excepting them to degrade them to create our false havens

Except them to use them to our selfish needs

And I ask what did we lose in these

Spontaneity of a divine life

Which was blessed to us to relish 

And be grateful for all that is.

In solemn pace I keep walking and walking and walking

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