Does Love Really Hurt?

I have seen life very closely 

Felt so strange to read 

Love hurts 

Does love hurt ? 

Was the question in my mind


I asked God while praying 

Love is the thing that binds us with our most loved ones 

Does love really hurt ?

I got the answer


It isn’t love if it hurts 

Rejection hurts 

Lack of trust hurts 

Assumptions hurt

Expectations hurt 

Lack of reciprocation hurt 

Negative relations hurt 

Bieng ignored hurts 

Love has been ABUSED and CRUCIFIED in such a way 

We have been forced to ask this question today for a better clarification 


Its philosophical to say 

When you love someone 

It must be unconditional 

But it is human nature to expect

The other person to love you back 

Just the way you do


We need to compromise,adjust and understand 

And try not to give up 

A lot more than love is required

And when we are unable to acknowledge,provide those things

Then we blame love 

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