The infinite lives in you

Sometimes I see you walking through the fields.

The guitar on your back, the soul crossing oceans.

Framed by millions of those fragile little flowers.

That fall apart in the air, with the breath of a breeze.

Officially blow balls, I don’t know why

To me it seems more caravels loaded of illusions.

Lilies of the valley lie in wait after some curve.

As lights of my eyes, always to peer,

The inexact moment that will blossom the spring

And the words will involve us in a musical fragrance.

What is this mystery that makes the soul to jump continents,

Landing in the only garden…where I can find you?

Sometimes it’s already autumn and I see you dreaming distracted

Among the flaming leaves of unknown forests,

Cherished by magnetizing concert of nightingales.

The autumn does not admit dualities, dressing of silence

And transmutes solitudes in the most melodious horizons

Crimson sunsets of modesty by such magnificence.

At the edge of an imaginary pier, I am mining the oceans

Waiting for your eyes that transcend the infinity.

Encapsulating my dreams in the afternoon breezes.

What deep puzzle is this that makes me love you.

Even when I don’t know whether it’s reality or fantasy,

The infinites who I feel thinking that I love you?


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