Fear of Syringe(Trypanophobia)

Since childhood I rarely fall ill.The part of medical treatment I mostly fear is the syringe which is mostly called as trypanophobia.

Everyone in our childhood have this fear.Whenever I got fever the first thing I would ask Doctor is to give me tablets instead of an injection. What fears me most is the pricking of the needle.Whenever the doctor said I have to take an injection I used to cry and it was  my father who used to encourage me a lot.Still I used to resist while taking an injection.Mostly it was the skill of the nurse to persuade me to take an injection.I used to close my eyes.Usually it feels like a prolonged ant or a mosquito bite. 

As I grew up this fear ceased to great extent with understanding that injecting drugs (medicines ) is a fast and effective way of curing illness.Still I fear the pricking of needle on fingers for a blood test and the blood test using syringe.

I would like to ask readers as to how to overcome the fear of taking injection while taking medical treatment.

Letter to Dad 

​An open letter to the man who has always given me more than I have ever wished for.

Dear Dad,

Thank You.

Thank You for putting up with all the times I was hard to bear with as a kid, when you were still patient and kind, even with all of my tantrums and never-ending list of wishes.

Thank You for  never complaining about waking up at 5  to drop me to school for my practices every day, for saving me from Mom’s wrath every time I did something stupid, for all the piggy back rides that you gave me, and for every ice-cream, every chocolate that you got me only to make me happy, even in the middle of the night,  when I was very upset.

You’ve always let me take the stage while you were lying in the sidelines and the shadows, only to make sure that I shine, and shine brighter every time than the last. 

There are a thousand things that I should thank you for, like a loving home to live in or for all the hours you put in, working hard, only so we can be happy, but if I begin now, this letter would never end. But more than that, I want to apologise.

 I apologise for being a crazy, stubborn teenager, who took reckless decisions, and ended up being hurt which only caused you to hurt, as well. 

I apologise for all the times I wouldn’t tell you about my problems, which only made you feel less important, but honestly, I was only trying to not unload my problems on you, never realising how you felt like less of a father whenever I did that.

There are times we don’t get each other, and I am sorry for all the times I have been rude and  immature and have said things I didn’t mean.

You’ve watched me succeed and you’ve watched me fail.  You’ve gloried in my triumphs and you’ve cried when you’ve seen me cry. But most of all, you’ve always, always been there. 

Every little girl grows up looking up to her dad, and well, I have still not stopped. You’ve never called me your “princess”, maybe because you didn’t want it to get to my head or maybe because you’re way too realistic, but have never treated me lesser than a princess. 

You’re the first man I’ve loved and that part of my being will always belong to you. Nobody can take that way. And maybe it is too much to ask for, too much to wish for, but if ever I fall in love, I hope to fall in love with a man exactly like you.

Yours Truly,

A daughter who wishes she had better words to express her love for you

Inspiring Poems 

Here is one more inspiring poem from Resp Parupudi Satyavenkatavinodkumar Sir from Hyderabad nicknamed Soul Nectar Swansh ….love the way he puts harsh realities of life in beautiful and inspiring verses 

💖What for spontaneity remains, unobtrusive? 💖

As I walk and walk and walk

I often ponder why do I this 

Day In and day out, I keep walking

Unmindful of weather and whims

I see clouds flowing here and there 

Find animals grazing on the green fields

Vegetation growing in seething sunshine

Weathers changing in their ordained periods

People following their daily chores indifferently

Trade and commerce moving in its own pace

Faith, religion, worships, Sazda keep their sanity

Air, water, Sun shine and shades keep bequeathing

Obstacles, thorns, hindrances and difficulties keep showing up

How many of the above have we could control

How many of these have been able to change

How many of these have been able to fathom

Except for exploiting them to our greed 

Excepting them to tarnish their beauty to suit our comforts

Excepting them to degrade them to create our false havens

Except them to use them to our selfish needs

And I ask what did we lose in these

Spontaneity of a divine life

Which was blessed to us to relish 

And be grateful for all that is.

In solemn pace I keep walking and walking and walking

Is it the feel of love?

Is it the feel of love?

When someone loves you with your faults

Is it the feel of love?

When someone is proud of you 

Is it the feel of love?

When someone understands your silence 

Is it the feel of love?

When someone goes out of way to spend a few minutes with you

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  falls in love with your soul

Is it the feel of love?

When some remains awake to watch you sleep

Is it the feel of love?

When you sit with someone and silence doesn’t seem weird

Is it the feel of love?

When someone likes your anger, your smile, your tears and everything that is you

Is it the feel of love?

When some one is loyal to you and not loyal to the need to you

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  understands you when you don’t understand yourself

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  would drive many kilometres to see you for a coffee date

Is it the feel of love?

When somone feel that distances is just a word

Is it the feel of love 

When someone stays with you even in yout difficult times

Is it the feel of love?

When someone supports you even when the whole world is against you

Is it the feel of love?

When someone  still finds something adorable about you even in your worst times

Is it the feel of love?

Who doesn’t treat you like an option

Is it the feel of love? 

When someone  fills up your void and stays away from those who are emotionally unavailable

Is it the feel of love?

When someone can make bucket lists and life goals together with you 

Is it the feel of love?

When some prays with you for you

Is it the feel of love? 

When someone makes your heart melt

Is it the feel of love 

When brings a smile on your face even in your toughest times

Is it the feel of love?

When someone crazy enough says I love you to you everyday

It is most important to wait for the one

Who respects you and adores you

Even with a little faith of yours 

You will find love.

Need not be not today since you are busy with your life.

But when you need it the most!

What is it?

​Just inspired by a lovely and beautiful posts of one of my dear followers Chitra…gratitude to you for inspiring me 
What is it?

What is it ?

That pulls me towards you

What is it?

That makes me wait for you

In the moonlight

Beneath a blanket of shinning stars
What is it ?

That makes me to sing a song for you
What is it? 

That makes me lost 

In your thoughts 
What is it?

That make me feel you

In the cool breeze

What is it?

That makes me see you

Even I close my eyes

What is it?

That makes me feel

So close to you

Whether it’s an autumn or spring

What is it?

That makes me dance to your love tunes

What is it?

When I play a violin 

It plays your notes 

What is it?

When I stand on the top of a mountain and call for you

I hear your voice

Instead of my echo

What to give what not 

Someone hurts you in life for sure

Getting hurt by someone 

Is a part of your life 

So it is not wrong 

If you expect to get hurt by someone 

But don’t hurt those who hurt you 

Because there will be no difference

Between you and those who hurt you 


Someone ignores you in your life 

Inspite of you bieng always with them 

Bieng ignored is a part of your life

But don’t ignore them in return 

Because there will be no difference 

Between you and them 


Someone in your life gives you pain 

It’s a part of your life too

But don’t give pain in return 

To those who give you pain 

Beacause there will be no difference between you and them 

Remember it’s pain

That makes you more stronger than before 


Someone in your life loves you too

Bieng loved by someone 

Is a part of your life too

Love those who love you too 

Beacause its love which strengthens the bond of a relation 

Does Love Really Hurt?

I have seen life very closely 

Felt so strange to read 

Love hurts 

Does love hurt ? 

Was the question in my mind


I asked God while praying 

Love is the thing that binds us with our most loved ones 

Does love really hurt ?

I got the answer


It isn’t love if it hurts 

Rejection hurts 

Lack of trust hurts 

Assumptions hurt

Expectations hurt 

Lack of reciprocation hurt 

Negative relations hurt 

Bieng ignored hurts 

Love has been ABUSED and CRUCIFIED in such a way 

We have been forced to ask this question today for a better clarification 


Its philosophical to say 

When you love someone 

It must be unconditional 

But it is human nature to expect

The other person to love you back 

Just the way you do


We need to compromise,adjust and understand 

And try not to give up 

A lot more than love is required

And when we are unable to acknowledge,provide those things

Then we blame love 

Fix a broken heart 

When hearts are broken

Spilt in two 

When they are fractured

When love is not true 

When fallen to pieces

Inside your chest 

The ache so great 

You feel depressed

A frozen wasteland of razor sharp shards

Feeling that life has dealt you dude cards

These hearts can be fixed with the glue of love 

When love is true and blessed from above

The pieces put together love setting the bond 

The heart becomes whole the love to respond

The aches and the pain replaced by loves joy 

When two become one 

Each other to enjoy 

Love is two part epoxy 

That sets when mixed

That forms a strong bond

So hearts can be fixed