Crossing mark of 500 followers

It’s time for double celebration Diwali plus crossing the mark of 500 followers. Every time I would post the number of followers have increased.Frankly I don’t know many of them except a few.Niether I have interacted with many of you really sorry.Most of the times I am busy in studies and spend my free time in writing.I apologise that I haven’t got any time to interact on your posts .I feel extremely sorry for that.

I am very thankful to all the followers for supporting my post’s by way of likes and comments.

However I promise that whenever I get free time and have nothing to reply on my post’s I would definitely visit your posts and interact with you all.

By way of interaction we know more about each other and indirectly inspire and motivate to write better and better posts and poems too.

Most of the time I try to write poems instead of thoughts as I feel they convey message and feelings more better.

Thank you once again for your extended support and co-operation which enabled me to cross the mark of 500 followers.

Happy blogging to all of you 


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