Love your haters too

The person  who hate you the most

Helps you to be a better person

Be nice with the person who hates you.

You can learn from that person.

Because when you try to harm others

You will end up helping them

By pointing out their weaknesses and making them stronger.

Your enemies will point out all your flaws

You get chance to be a better person
and there is another point too..

So you always know exactly what  you don’t want in your life 

It helps you to improve you as a person.


36 thoughts on “Love your haters too

  1. ahlawatvishal says:

    You are correct…..
    So nicely written..
    I read in book that one’s Should have enemies with them because if they are present then we are able to remove our weakness easily…..
    So nice Kiran……

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