Celebrating Dusshera

Celebrating Dusshera 

Gives me joy and happiness

It is celebrated for victory of good over evil

Victory of positivity over negativity

The house is painted and cleaned.

We welcome the Goddess at home

It’s her stay for nine days and ten nights.

She is worshiped for blessing and wellbieng.

I enjoy drawing rangoli in front of the house main door and filling colours in it.

It gives me joy and happiness worshipping the books the source of knowledge and my teachers too.

And drawing an image of Goddess Saraswati on a slate.

We buy marigold flowers of different yellow shades and the white ones too.

Making garlands for the Goddess,  homes vehicles and books.

It gives me immense joy and happiness.

The home gets a new look too.

In the evening we go the Goddess temple on a hillock.

I wear a newly purchased dress of my choice.

It’s a wonderful sight to see so many people coming to worship the Goddess and getting blessings from her.

We offer her shami leaves treated as gold on the auspicious day of Dusshera.

The attraction on this day there is a fair on hillock too.

I love to play various games and buy jewellery items.

The merry go round and the giant wheel I don’t miss.

The sweet shops and eatables too I love them very much.

In the evening I share shami leaves with older people and friends getting wishes and blessings from them.

Wishing you all a happy Dusshera /Vijaya Dashmi 


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