Love at its best 

The sky plays melodious music gently and softly.
Unexpectedly a beautiful thing has happened today.

Slowly you entered in my mind like a thief.

Very first loud beat of love in heart.

Heart beats have started beating like drums.

Unknowingly your soft hand grasps my hand gently.

Getting crazy and wild in love.

Everything thing has changed beautifully with the winds of love.

Like an innocent fearful beautiful young little bird.

Expressions of love hidden in my mind finding thier way through lips.

Unkowingly your soft hand grasps my hand gently.

In the tender new born leaf and the tender rays of the rising sun.

This innocent mad mind is filled with love

Your beautiful humming voice in your mind echoes in my ears.

The sunlight, winds,skies and stars have welcomed our love.

The days of living in unhappiness and grief are over and gone.

Getting poisoned by the beautiful effect of your love and the way you look at me.

Our love has thundered like storms in the sky

Singing a song with the drum beats 

And came singing playing music.

Unexpectedly falling in love seems like a dream.

Worshiped you like a god.
The seed of the love has been sowed deep within.
The mind drenched fully in love 
Lost wholly to  this sweet love.

In rain it has struck like lightening.
Getting crazy and wild in your love.


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