Bitter Fact of Life

As life passes by and by

I find and experience 

Harsh realities day by day


Things always do not happen

As we think or dream.

Somewhere or the other

We have to make a compromise.

Do or accept things

Which we don’t like

We have no other alternative too

This is the bitter and true fact of life


When dreams are not satisfied

Or things don’t happen in our life.

As we wish.

It gives us an unpleasant feeling.


When I was young 

I used to feel there is long way to go.

I will do it

It’s not a problem for me.

Youth is always full of dreams and always on cloud 9

We come to ground as our age progresses 

And become aware of the true facts.

Life is not a bed of roses.


We won’t get fruit untill we sow a seed of effort.

Water it ..take care of it.


It takes time for the seed of effort.

To grow up into a tree and bear sweet fruits.

We have to take utmost care of the tree of effort untill it bears fruit.

Otherwise all our efforts go in vain.

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