They were spending the last 10 minutes of thier togetherness.

Smiles were on both of their faces.
Each of them skillfully hiding their grief of seperation from other.

As if they did not seem to bother.
To each other they showed themselves strong.

But within them everything seemed to be wrong.

He had to go as he had no choice.
She was not in the top of his love priority list.

Since he loved someone more than her.

She knew about it very well.

And was scared about it too.
“I will be fine without you” 

They comforted each other with heavy hearts.

Inside …both of them knew they were lying.
Both of them were scared as if it was thier last time together.

Both of them had a strong expectation to see each other once again.

They parted with heavy hearts hiding thier tears.
He cared for her and she cared for him.

She prayed for his saftey everyday

Days and  months passed by.

There was no trace of him not even his message or even a call.
Suddenly at the end of the year

It came to her ear

“Madam, We are exteremly sorry..with a heavy heart to inform you that your husband has sacrificed his life for his motherland and more”
These words entered her ears like a stream of hot oil.

The grief and excruciating  pain was if thousands of ants biting her brain. 

Still she remained silent and expressionless.
Just as if it was a silence before a the arrival of a violent hurricane.

The dam of her emotions and love for him burst like an explosion.

Flooding tears from her eyes.

No one could stop her.

She wanted to leave this world and reunite with his immortal soul.
Suddenly she heard an apparitional voice.

“Dear , just have a look at my sign of 6 months old.

Actually its me back again!!!”


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