Inspiring Poems

​Here I am sharing one of the poems of Sir Parupudi Satyavenkatavinodkumar from Hyderabad whose poems inspire me the most.He mostly writes poems in the name SoulNectar Swansh.

πŸ’– A Song of Silence πŸ’–

As I walk and walk and walk 

I ponder about the day’s incidences

I hear and see many news articles

Some sour some sweet some horrible

Oh these immitigable perceptions 

Sometime I feel pain like a prick 

Sometimes sweet sensations

Sometimes I feel like to vanish

Many can be the reasons for happiness

Only human perceptions grow sourness

A storm picks up in the inner world

Gurgitations of commotion driving crazy

The core of the inner world transforms

Into a balancing scale that pulsates 

Between happiness and sufferings

 That keep flooding through perceptions

And in times like these that I simply slip 

Into another world within serene 

A land where songs of silence reins

Away from all worldly commotions

It signs songs of patience, love and care

It sings songs of here now and eternity

It sings songs of tranquil feelings divine

Ah the Bliss of creation I bow to you

No greater balancer than kind nature

Where I walk and walk and walk

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