Writing it

Good writers never start out being good writers. 

And scared writers never know how good their becoming unless someone else sees it. Many thanks dear Asha you taught me this.

It takes bravery to do what we do , and everyone is not supposed to like your poetry it’s not about that , poetry is about how you feel.

 It’s somehow reaches out and touches the people who feel the same way as you.

 Your pen is an extension of your heart in the ink is your tears your blood your happiness your sadness. 

It is for you and you only this is why I write because I write for myself and when nobody likes it , I keep on writing.


41 thoughts on “Writing it

  1. mythicalmusingsblog says:

    Sometimes you just need reminding. Like an encouraging comment on a post or someone mentioning that they liked it. Sometimes I get so wound into a ball of inability I forget that writing is a journey and I am still only taking the first few steps. Thank you for this, it made me smile and think!

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    • kiranmag says:

      Yes 😊 …continue without fear..there will be likers and critics too..critics improve you…fans increase your zeal for writing…thanks for stopping by and expressing your valuable comments.

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  2. definitelysane says:

    I agree, and this was quite helpful. ‘I write for myself’ is a good mantra. It’s important to remember why we do this, even when it’s difficult. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that nobody’s forcing us to do this.

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  3. ericzanne says:

    Great point. I used to think I sucked at writing and was only writing because I liked the stories I created. It wasn’t until a mag accepted a short story of mine for publication that I felt like I might be an ok writer.

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  4. Just a girl says:

    I believe that self doubt does makes you a better writer, because it means you spend more time editing…writing, writing and rewriting is always worthwhile. And if you do write for you, and you only, then the process is still the same, as for your eyes only you still want the best.

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