​Within …Within..Within..

Within a seed I find an universe.

Within this universe I find life.

Within this life I find a heartbeat.

Within this heartbeat I find love.

Within this love I find a hope.

Within this hope I find a butterfly.

Within this butterfly I find a bird.

Within this bird I find a song.

Within this song I find a sound.

Within this sound I find a wind.

Within this wind I find a hurricane.

Within this hurricane I find a cloud.

Within this cloud I find thunder and lightening.

Within this thunder and lightening I find rain.

Within this rain I find a drop.

Within this drop I find a sea.

In this sea I find a boat.

On this boat I find a traveller.

Within this traveller I find a destination.

Within this destination I find time.

Within this time I find an instant.

Within this instant I find a wild blue yonder.

Within this wild blue yonder I find me.

Within me I find uncountable number of cells 

Each cell bears the name ,You!!


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