I am a lamp 

Giving light even when the air is damp.


With my light I burn

When someone’s life takes a sad turn.

During Diwali as a star I burn. 

In a life’s happy turn. 


It gives me delight. 

When the needy students pass with flying colours due my light.


Every evening and morning in the front of God I burn.

I am prayed for happiness, wealth and peace in turn.


With my light.

If for everyone I burn.

For me will you burn?

If it is your turn.


6 thoughts on “Lamp 

    • kiranmag says:

      Thanks a lot Shefali …it was a poweroff …I had a college assignment to complete I completed it under the light of a lamp..thoughts of our life ran through my mind and I wrote about it. It was if the lamp was asking me a question …if I burn for you with my light? Will you burn for me with your light?

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