A wonderful gift

I never imagined you will give such a wonderful priceless gift for me which will remain etched in my mind forever

Its the lovely poem you have gifted for me my dear Dad.

After reading this poem I could do nothing but just give him a tight hug as my love and respect for you my dear Dad. We just cried like kids without a word for 5-10 minutes.

I know it is going to happen once again when your lovely princess will be going to her other home.

With his permission I am sharing his poem with you all

Feelings of a Father

My dearest daughter.

You are the source of my happiness and laughter.

How can I forget your smiling face?

When you saw me for the first time after coming in this world.

It was as if God was smiling through your lips.

To me you are God’s wonderful gift.

You gave my life a wonderful lift.

To me you are Gods Talisman.

Bringing fortune and well bieng in my life as much as you can.

I see a reflection of mine in your face.

You are made of my bones and flesh.

My blood runs through your viens.

My heart swells with pride as I see you growing up.

From a small bud to a fully bloomed flower in my garden.

The thought of you seperating from me.

Pains me a lot.

I have taken pains in bringing you up.

Its extremely difficult to rip off my heart and give it to someone else.

Anyways your wellbieng and happiness is my first priority.

For which I am ready to do anything even a sacrifice.

You marriage day will be a most memorable day of my life.

At the painful moment of your departure.

It would very difficult hide my tears behind the curtain of my smile.

As I am sure, it will be  my tears that will weaken you furthur.

When you will embrace me, a gentle tap of my hand on your back and the lovable caress of my hands on your face will sooth you a bit.

Your sweet memories will haunt me like a hallucination.

It’s getting difficult for me to control my tears while writing this.

I can’t write furthur with my salty tears getting  mixed with the ink of my pen.

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