12 th Rakshabandhan

Dear Nanhe

Its our 12th Rakshabandhan.

12 years ago I was overwhelmed to welcome you in this world.

I had been talking with you  before you came into this world by feeling and kissing our mothers womb.You would respond then by moving inside our mothers womb.I named you “Nanhe” means a small cute little fellow.

The day you were born 10th september it was one of the happiest day of my life. I had decided your name Kunal before your birth. I was standing outside the delivery room beside my father.The doctor came out of the delivery room straight to me and informed me ” Kiran !!! welcome your brother Kunal”.It was my mother who had told the doctor my name and I had kept his name kunal.

We then waited for mother to come outside with my small brother.It took about an hour. We just saw them both and went home.

We were back to hospital after 2 hours.Mother called me inside and asked me sit on her bed with legs crossed. She kept my brother striaght on my lap.It was the happiest moment of life you had  opened your eyes a bit looking at me and smiling.I had a strong desire to kiss you but I didnt since your skin was so so tender.

Its 12 years now since our love for each other has been increasing day by day.

Since last 3 years you had been keeping Raksha Bandhan gift as a secret and keep me guessing ,thats so sweet of you.

This year you have brought me a wonderful hand watch.. thanks my dear brother for such a wonderful gift..love you so much as vast as ocean.

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