Sometimes ,while communicating, it may happen that your words may go wrong.

But a true friend understands it perfectly.

Its because a strong sense of understanding has developed between these true friends.

Many a times I drafted grammatically wrong words in the comments of my friend’s post.

But my friend has understood my feelings correctly.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts#6

  1. Nisthur Anadi says:

    Very true !
    Actually we need to deposit lots of emotional security in each other account to built a strong relationship.

    Even if you withdraw some amount by misunderstanding , your emotional account remain filled. Hence you nurture it daily with trust and love.

    But if you have recently opened emotional account and don’t have much deposit into it , initial misunderstanding can make us bank currupt. And relationship suffers.

    Beautiful quote Kiran.

    Keep sharing your heart and mind.

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