Dying friendship

Why is it that friendship seems to be exciting and amazing at its start?

Why is it that gradually as time progresses friends turn thier faces from me?

 Me being too good with them.

Whats my fault?

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Why is it that friend never respond to me quickly as time progresses? 

I still continue to contact my friend?

 Whats my fault?

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Why is that friends forget me quickly as time progresses? 

Yet I  remember them every day? 

Whats my fault? 

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Why is it that a friend doesnt smile back at me ?

when she/he sees me smiling at her/him

Whats my fault? 

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Why is it that  friends forget me thier good times?

 Even when I help them  in thier bad times whitout being called by them?

 Whats my fault?

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Why is it that friends call me are boring person?

 When I make them happy always

Whats my fault?
Still finding answers and a good friend.


16 thoughts on “Dying friendship

  1. Nisthur Anadi says:

    This is very sensitive and emotional post, Don’t worry we are here to bring back your smile. Blogging world with amazing people.

    Why don’t you do a friend ship with your self and fall in love with self. Then that friend ship will be ever lasting.

    I don’t know I am my best friend , so thought you could also try.

    Good write, keep sharing.

    Virtual world has its on beauty , real world has its own.

    Enjoy life , find the happiness within then being alone is super awesome.

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      • kiranmag says:

        It just happened a day before yesterday an old friend of mine was standing on a bus stand when I was going to college in a bus…I noticed her she also noticed it was just a time of 30 seconds may be.

        It was nearly 3 years ago I had seen her in school where we met last.

        My joy knew no bounds looking at her…delighted.. I shouted with her name but she did’nt even look back. I felt so dejected for this.


  2. lizzie says:

    This the same situation I’m going through. I don’t know how to deal with it, most of the time I find myself worrying what wrong have I done ?


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