School memories of 15 th August

Still these memories bring me a lots of nostalgia.Its very difficult to forget it.

I still remember the practice sessions taken 4-5 days before the Independence day after the school , be it a patriotic song or dance or a anchoring speech.

Patriotic songs, we used to take a print from internet write in our own handwriting ,get it corrected and learn it byheart. In the 7th grade we sung “Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyon”. It means after our Patriotic death the Nation is safe in your custody my dear country citizens.

Afterwards it was the tough part of singing altogether as one. It was a very difficult task for the teacher to get it done and then getting it finally approved by Father(Principal).

In this way 2-3 groups were formed and the best was choosen.

Same procedure was followed for the dance groups too.Folk dance of the Kolis.

“Aga Pori Sambhal Daryala Tufan Aaylay Bhari”

Meaning in English

Oh Dear Daughter!!! Be Careful The Ocean has become to stormy.We did this in 8th standard and got the best prize.

Anchoring the function was however a very tough part Me along with my best friend was given this assignment in 9 th grade. Half part to me and half part to my best friend Nisha. (Missing her a lot).

However we were guided by our English Teachers Mrs Audry , Mrs Joyce and Mrs Milagrine.

They guided us lot improving our accent, grammatical errors. The events bieng properly scheduled in  write up too,  starting from welcoming the chief guest to the note of thanks for the chief guest.

I was also encouraged to write  about the wonders of internet and how an ideal school student should be in the school magzine.I think it was here the seeds of a writer were sown in me and i was unaware of it.

After the programme the school staff was generous enough to give us snacks like burgers, samosas and sandwitches etc along with a cup of spicey tea.That was the best part I liked because we felt hungry after a long involvement of 3 hours.

I was also supported by presence of my parents at the school. After the programme we used to headoff directly to the hotel for lunch instead of going home straight away followed by viewing matinee movie in a theatre.


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