Moonlight Bath

With sandalwood smeared on my face.

Waiting for the moon

 To give me a boon

It gives me delight as I  slide the curtain of my room window 

To bath in a Silvery Moon Light

The Moon is like my mother’s dear brother.

On seeing me he showers his Silvery Moon light on me followed by cold night air kissing my face allover.

The night blooming Jasmine is my lovely companion bathing in moonlight too.

 Its intoxicating fragerance stirring up the feelings of love.

Melodious chirping of crickets singing songs of love and beauty of night.

With open eyes I dream of a White Knight with wings appearing in sky coming towards me.

He takes me for a heavenly ride.

Suddenly I feel a warm hand on shoulder.

My dream is shattered 

Its my mother persuading me to sleep