Cute little stray puppy

Yesterday a cute stray puppy followed me on way to college

It was hard for me to acknowledge

The puppy was so cute with a mixture of white and brown

With a brown patches on its eyes too

Wondered where its mother was?

I had a strong desire to pick it up in my arms 

Infront of my face 

And give a loveable stare in its eyes

I did
Its touch felt so warm and soft like a eiderdown

Hope it could speak with me

I rubbed my nose with its nose.

It responded by licking my nose

With its icy cold tongue

Just then I heard the bark of grown up dog

Yes !!! it was the mother dog

Searching her puppy.

Maybe it was the puppy’s feeding time

It was also getting late for college.

I had to go

 I kept the puppy on the ground and walked away

I walked a little and looked back

I could feel their expression of love for me in their eyes