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Its me Kiran Magar. I feel glad to write this on the occasion of FRIENDSHIP DAY. Wishing you all a Happy friendship day.Life is incomplete without friends I strongly feel.

I feel glad bieng nominated once again by (Aanchal) for the happiness tag.I feel that we get happiness by making others happy.

Aanchal has been a constant source of inspiration for writing and is a wonderful person.Do check her blog by clicking on the link mentioned above.

Rules for participation

1) Write about the 5 things that make you happy

2) Name 5 songs which make you happy

3)Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag.

Here are the five things that make me happy.

1)Looking the smile and expression of happiness on the face of my parents knowing I am the reason behind it.

2) Lightening a lamp(diya) in the front of god in household shrine in the mornings and evenings.

3)An old school friend meets me suddenly.

She is taller than me.

4) Eating my favourite food.Mango juice with puri and potato vegetable.

5) Finding something unusal and beautiful at the same time.

Oops!!! I dont know the name of this fish..would be happy if someone tells me the name of this fish.

Here are the five songs that make me happy.

1) The song “Lakshya ko har hal mein pana hain” film Lakshya starred by Rithik Roshan.It means to acheive the target by means whatever may be circumstances.This song inspired me, inspires me and will continue inspiring me in the future.

2) The song”Tum itna jo muskura rahen ho kya gam hain jisko chupa rahen hon” from the film Arth sung by Jagjit Singh.Its means”How its possible for you to smile hiding your grief”

3) “Don’t forget” by Demi Lovato

4)” Butterfly” by Mariah Carey

5) “Halo” by Beyonce.

Here comes the most difficult task of nominating 5 of my followers..I am sorry in case I did’nt tag you it does not mean that I am ignoring you.This post is for all of my followers.However please feel free to tag this any time..this is for everyone who reads this post.

My 5 nominations are

1) (Anumeha)





All of these are wonderful bloggers..please check thier blogs on the links mentioned above.What I say is if someone nominates in thier forthcoming award blog i will get a chance to nominate my other followers too☺.

Have a nice time☺


20 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag!

  1. Nisthur Anadi says:

    Glad knowing more about you. Hope you don’t mind sharing your poori and sabji with me , I can’t hold hunger for more now…it looks so yummy saw in the morning still have desire to have them.

    And yes yes your song collection too,

    Jagjit singh wala , it’s beautiful song indeed.

    You have good taste of music too.

    All the very best.

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