Tall buildings

Tall Buildings

Buildings of the city,

You scare me,

Your world is virtually,

Crowded with buildings.

Yet just still build and built, buildings! ! !
We’re letting this happen,

In the name of progress.

No sunshine for plants

No birds to sing melodious songs
Children don’t play in lush green.

Their playground a tragic cement scene.

They hop and skip around,

But not on swings, slides or playground.

They play on sheets of cement,

For mothers to keep them safe,

From parking lot cars,

A torment.

To keep up with their childrens’ safety,

And possibly some other mother’s liability.

It doesn’t matter.

Our children will face,

A failure of the Earth’s

Blue, green and white environment.
When the satellites will provide pictures from space

Our sights won’t believe,

Nobody will hear, our too late sigh.

The colors of planet Earth,

Grey, brown in sky.

The oceans of the Earth,

The green of the leaves,

And the pure white of the cloud ridden sky,

Laid down to rest forever.

Now it’s time for your scientific plans.

But those plans won’t matter,

With the pollution’s earthly scatter

Spreading globally around,


11 thoughts on “Tall buildings

  1. Meenakshi Sethi says:

    Very nyc! We are actually losing the true beauty of nature by all man made artificial things! I feel lost and suffocated in big malls and hotels where everything is about show business. We are making ourselves so artificial in race of upgrading ourselves. Well written!

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