My first Saree experience

Since childhood i was always fascinated and curious of saree.I used to watch my mother closely when she was wearing a saree.

The first saree moment is always a special to a girl, symbolizing of maturity, and adding cultural significance to the attire. A saree is ancient Indian apparel that is still in fashion and is trending.

Every young indian girl observes her mother and even tries to imitate the saree draping.

I decided to wear mother’s green saree and  for my 10th standard farewell day.My mother got one of her reddish brown blouse altered to fit me well.It was my mother who helped me dressing saree for first time.

After dressing me in saree my mother so overwhelmed with joy that she hugged me and said ‘My little doll has grown up to beautiful princess’. I could see tears of happiness in her eyes.That was a very big compliment for me.

I looked myself in the mirror and wondered how tall and grown up i was looking in the saree it felt great.I too began loving myself looking so beautiful in a green embroiderd saree and reddish brown blouse.Intially while walikng I would hold the pleats in my hand,  with the fear of falling down on my face and the pleats coming off .I regained confidence after having a walking practice inside house.

After going outside the house it was a shower of compliments and praises as the people known to me were used to see me either in school uniform or other dresses and everybody said I looked different while they were complimenting me.

 I was so happy to receive such compliments which mean a lot to any Indian girl wearing saree for first time.

On reaching school it was a completely different experience. I was amazed to see all my friends in saree looking as grown up women and me too.

We cheered and complimented each other followed by lots of photo shoots and selfies.It was wonderful experience with my friends to dance in saree with other friends cheering and blowing whistles.


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  1. kiranmag says:

    Yes ‚ėļ its quite natural for anygirl to go for mothers saree at the first time ‚ėļ…wow glad to hear it from you too. Too cute haūüėä


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