Back to those days

Only if it was possible to get back ,

Back to the beginning,

Where things were easy and simple,

Back to those days 

Where everything was done for me,
Back to those days

Where a simple cry meant a lot to my mom,

Back to those days

Where I was careless and innocent,

Back to those days

Where I never knew what’s right or wrong,
Back to those days,

Where I would roll in the mad and feel alive,

Where I used to jump up and down the road 

And try to climb trees with my little hands,

Back to those days when I was just a baby,
I remember back to those days,

Where mom sang me lulabies and read me night time story untill I fell asleep ,

Those were blessed days to me,

And I will never forget them,
Now things have changed,

I’ve grown up, and those days are gone ,

No more spoon fed from mom,

No more innocent little baby,

Because now that I’ve grown,

Mistakes are mine, and mine alone.


20 thoughts on “Back to those days

    • kiranmag says:

      Thats so sweet of you Radhika😊. I do remember you had posted about shopping a few back.

      I feel that you should make a greeting card writing a few verses of affection and love for and your feelings for with some decorative work and gift it on her birthday..definately she will be delighted to have it.Though its your personal decision.
      Have a nice day

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    • kiranmag says:

      Thanks a lot dear Hemangini..and sorry too. Your comment went unoticed by mistake.Thanks once again for the initiative for stopping by and expressing your views …have a nice time ☺


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