The Liebster Award

Hello everyone, its me Kiran. My parents chose this name getting inspiration from Kiran Bedi.

I feel glad that I have been nominated for this award. It is the first time I am paricipating for this award as a nominee.

 I would like to give a special gratitude to (Shefali) for nominating me. We have just been following each other since 13 days.We have been exchanging our thoughts on each others posts by and large I find Shefali as a very wonderful and a nice person.Actually I was not going to participate with the fear getting something wrong.But it was Shefali who pushed me to go ahead.

Earlier I had been nominated by for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award. She has also inspired me to participate for this award.I will participate for that too.Thanks to you both Shefali and Shambhavi.

I am a newbie here and I have just started blogging just 15 days back.Still i am new to this wordpress thing and still in the learning process of getting aquainted with the settings.I am not a software expert.I am still facing problems with custom design and the commands required for css to get the desired results on my blog.It would be an immense pleasure for me to blog with coloured fonts.However I have decided to try it myself before I ask for assistance if required.

I had accidently come across wordpress while surfing the net and I find it as a very powerful medium to share life events, memories, thoughts and emotions with like minded persons i follow and those who are following me.

I am would also be like to be thankful to & for thier constant source of inspiration and morale boosting. I have been interacting with them on thier posts almost daily.

Last but not the least it would I would not like forget first person i had followed.I had come across her blog even before i started blogging on wordpress.I found her blogs very wonderful, inspiring, movitating, stress reliving. Still there is a lot I have to learn from her as well.The way she has been responding and interacting with me..hats off to her.

Questions for me are

1)Do you believe in god and rebirth?

Yes I do believe in some unknown force that keeps the universe intact and controls all the actions of it.This unknown force I will call it as God.I have faith in this unknown force.About rebirth  I feel the soul is immortal it just takes various external forms in due course of time which you may call rebirth.

2)If you could define yourself in a single word, then what it could be?

At this juncture of my life”AMBITIOUS”

3) What was your favourite cartoon charector?

Too many I used to be glued to cartoon network channels in childhood days watching Dora, Scooby Doo, Micky Mouse playhouse, Avataar, Otswald and Mr Bean.The one which I like most is Otswald.

4) Which is your dream destination you want to visit? 

All the 7 wonders of the world. But if given a chance I would like to go for an expedition of MOUNT EVEREST so that i can be on the top of the world ☺

5) What the one thing that you are scared of? 

FAILURE inspite of hardwork.But i don’t look it as the end of the world.I would like to be strong enough and keep on trying untill I succeed.

6)What is your favourite song?

The song from film ANKUSH (1986)

“Itni shakti hame dena data mann ka vishwaas kamjor ho na.

Hum chale nek raste pe humse bhool se bhi koi bhool ho na”

It means O Almighty Lord give us enough strength so that the confidence of our mind shall never decrease.

We are following a path of good virtues do not prompt us to commit a mistake even by mistake.

7)What is your favourite moment?

There many happy moments in life of a person and sad moments as well which stay as memories in mind.

The best moment in my life was the birth of my younger brother Kunal.

8) What annoys you the most?

A lying person and injustice done with innocent person even though he/she is a stranger to me.

9)What motivates you to write?

Part of me is self motivated.I write with open heart firstly for satisfaction of myself.I write when I am going through emotions of happiness, grief , when something troubles me, I get dissapointed..I just memorise the situtation I went through and put it on paper with proper combination of words.

Part of it I would like to give credit some bloggers I follow here like Shambhavi, Shefali, Sayanti, Radhika and ofcourse a major chunk of it goes to Asha.

10) As far as traditions are concerned what tradition do you think should continue for a long time?

I feel of all the traditions in all religions and communites throughout the world the tradition of marriage which brings two souls togther for a lifetime as a husband and a wife should continue forever.

11) Given power to become a country or world leader, what are the first 3 things you would do? 

First thing I would try to minimise corruption. 

Secondly I would like to provide free education for the deserving people below poverty line in reputed schools, colleges and universites.

Lastly providing speedy justice for the innocent as well as the accused.

Nominate upto 11 bloggers.Provide them with 11 question which they have to answer themselves.See to it that you put LIEBSTER AWARD sticker on your blog.

My nominations are












Here are my 11 questions for you?

1) What is the meaning of your name?

2)What is your most liked colour? Why?

3)What was the happiest moment of your life?

4)What was the lowest moment of your life?

5)What are the expectations from your lifepartner considering yourself as the opposite sex? 

6)What is your most liked street food? 

7) Who is your favourite actor(same sex) ?

8) What was the most memorable event of your life? 

9) What makes you different from others? 

10) Do you like getting wet in rain? If so why? 

11) How will you rate Mr Narendra Modi as PM out of 10? 

Happy blogging ☺☺ ….keep on writing..have a nice time.

24 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. preeti says:

    Hey kiran thanks for nomination.i told you, you are newbie here but reality is you are a great writer,i always read your post because it’s awesome.I hope you should go ahead in WordPress journey😊😊

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  2. Asha Seth says:

    Good going, gurl. You’ve been amazing so far. Quite honestly, I did not know you have been around for not more than a fortnight. Your works have been those of experienced hands at writing. You wonderfully express yourself in every piece of your work. Keep it high. 🙂
    I am always around, at earshot. Loads of congratulations and luck to you for shining so bright out here on WP. 😉

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