Pani Puri

Pani puri is a round and round fried wheat floor hollow pack.
Stuffed with aloo masala.

The recipe a secret of pani puri wala.

Its an alluring name.

Which over years has gained a lot of fame.
Panipuri stall is a place where girls hum like bees.

Its that where mouth makes spicy water plea.

Without changing the spicy food track.

Famous in cities its a crispy water bread.

Easily able to find tongue as last bed.

Eaten by almost all.

Whether they are big or small.

Its Panipuri its Golgappa it is said.

Its Panipuri its Golgappa facing girls’ attack.

Pani puri is India’s favourite dish.

And everyone’s mouth watering wish.

People say that love brings spice, tears, happiness, taste & flavour to life.

I feel that pani puri does a better job at a cheaper cost.


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