Know your friend!!

Know Your ‘FRIEND’!

Who is a friend? The one who helps you in need or who is just there indeed. If I typically go with the meaning that is available it says ‘a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.’ I always tell myself know the difference between friends and friends. Its just a term. Everybody takes it according to their thoughts. I don’t want to get into details of who takes it how. Rather I am unaware of it. However I take it as an emotion which soon gets betrayed by their action. As an emotion the word friend has created a belonging that makes you feel very near to that person. But in reality it is just generic relation with me of others.

On the back of my mind this is what is always going on. ‘I have a lot of respect for my friend. But my friend is just so ignorant about it. I have to take care of everything between the relation. Because I am most bothered about it. My friend has an attitude which shows who cares.’

I care. I care about my self respect, my emotions and my heart. If you don’t care it hurts me. It pokes me. It disturbs me. It upsets me. It makes me sad. I can’t say I don’t care. Because I care about myself. I can’t keep quiet and pretend to be normal. But now I know I can be normal, knowing as it is you don’t care. I don’t have a 3 am friend, a selfie friend, a morning friend or evening friend etc,. I only have a pal who is somebody I have seen a part of myself in. I never differentiated between best buddies, acquaintances, office friend or college friend or building friend. Its an emotion which does not need a geographical name. Only needs an identity to describe if needed is what I think.  

The innocent relation is so contaminated now a days. Too many people in life makes your life unbalanced. Simply because you don’t know how to cater to different people. And very less people in life make your life unmanageable as you don’t know how to tackle many people. I keep it simple. I do not take too many people in my life along with me. But whom I bring close to my heart try to preserve the bond faithfully. I think that is where I stumble and sometimes fall. Because they are just looking at me as one of the many. May be I expect a lot.

So the end of the story is – the person who you consider as a friend is really your friend?


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