Childhood memories before my first birthday as narrated by my mother.

Unfortunately my mother did’nt lactate so i had to be on external condensed milk.She was felt very sad about it.She was very particular about sterlising the milk bottles and silicone nipples.She had to wake me up twice during the night for feeding.I just can’t forget it.

My mother says i had the disciplined habit of sleeping at 700pm in evening and waking up at 530 am i rarely slept during the day.

The person who loved me most was my granfather since i was the small child born in the family after almost 20 years.He used to take me along with him for morning walks dressing me with two sweators, woollen caps, hand glows.My mother used to be in deep sleep unaware of this☺☺.

I used to cry and follow my grandfather when he left for office he used to carry me uptill the bus stand my mother following both of us.I used to wait for him eagerly untill he returned back.

I started walking when i was 8 months old my mother says it was a robotic walk.


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