I woke up one morning

I woke up one morning

And heard many voices;

Everything around me

Giving their wise counsel

On how to succeed in life.

Looking at the fan, it said,

“ Be cool, and cool-headed

and you will surely go far.“

Then I looked at the roof

and it said, ‘Aim high

and you will not fall below the roof.’

Then my attention was drawn to the window

Which said,” Look beyond yourself

and you will see the world-bigger picture

and that will secure your future.

Let your dreams be big;

Because you have a Big God”

Immediately, the clock chimed,

And whispered, “Maximize every moment

Every day is encrusted with 24 golden hours.

Life is what you make of it.  Have a vision in life and

put passion and action to that vision”

Before the clock finished, the mirror interrupted

And caught my attention: “Reflect before you act.

Reflect before you speak. The power of life and death

Are in the tongue. Reflect  on your Maker.

You’re the light of the world, City on a Hill,

salt of the earth, partaker of the divine nature,

created in the image of God.

Then the calendar butted in, ‘Plan if you want to pass,

Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I was staggered. And the Calendar said, ‘Chill! I have not finished.

Have godly goals and pursue your goals with zest.

Put God first in your plan and you will not come last. Learn from your past and don’t let it define you. Look ahead with Confidence because if God be for you, no one can be against you.