Dream day.

​One day, I will be sitting in those uncomfortable university chairs for the last time; hearing the professors drone on for the last time; maybe surrounded by my fellow students for the last time.

 I will be wearing a really awful graduation gown that i rented at the last moment, and it will reek of sweat. There will be bad food and a cake that tastes like feet. 

The ceremony will start late as usual and half of the students will be dozing off, despite the bright sunlight. But i will be happy. I will see my parents, sitting in the crowd, complete euphoria on their faces as they clap ferociously when i will accept my degree. 

I will be standing there on the stage, my gaze lingering on my parents proud faces and I will try to freeze that moment in my mind so that I could remember it forever. 

One day, i will see my parents proud of me,  my heart will swell with happiness, and then i am going to grin, and say ‘I made it’.


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