One day you simply feel that something is still missing in your life. That happiness of being content within yourself goes on diminishing. You have tried hard to make life good but there are still few things that you could not catch. And when you look around you find there are people living a better and carefree life.

Its an exhaustive race to get what you want. The chase begins but never finishes. The end is far away out of sight. Beacuse it is not meant to be there. Its tough & depressing. The whole process becomes your routine. You meet new people and take them along with you on a journey. This goes on for days and days and days. Frustration takes over and depression starts dominating. You cannot shout and scream on people so you feel like crying. The tears rolling down your cheeks are screaming out your frustration loud. And so you want to cry more and come out of the pain.

Every minute thing in life unintentional makes you feel sad. You get offended by all the little happenings. In a crowd, you start feeling lonely as you take the smallest thing personally. Burdened with so many emotions you smile forcefully and cry helplessly.

Take a break to think why is this burden only on you. Who cares whether you have feelings or not? When the whole universe is smiling what is that, that makes you unhappy? While there is everything good around you what is it that depresses you?

I am still finding the answer…