Connected with sun

Waking up from a deep sleep I am still feeling drowsy.

When I see you peeping at my window I feel happy and tingled

I open the window, you wink at me and smile.

I smile in response with a shy smile.

I feel loved and pampered rejoiced with a new hope.

On looking at  your hue a feeling of joy runs through my heart.

A positive vibe touches the valley of my thought, I feel…free and unwind.

I love to see your play with water and vapour

I love to see your dance with cloud and wind

I love to see You moving from East to West

From deem to bright, from hot to cool,from second to minute,from minute to hour.

I love to see you in a fancy of blue,growing red to pastel, silver to golden

You are, a stream of love, sense of life, source of joy and energy for me.

I see you or not, the whole day you are always in my mind.

I am moved by your appearance from behind the tree.

I feel like I am a child and you are my dear father playing hide and sick.

Your not being there as a routine makes me dream, your absence always keeps me in expectation.

A ray of hope culminates in mind….that a new dawn will rise with chirping of birds.

That I will see you always smiling at me, making me feel with You….I am alive.

Without You…I am incomplete.


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