Morning Walk

Fitness and Health are the two major pillars that support the life of a human. And humans are taking immense efforts in making these pillars strong nowadays. The first thing that every person thinks of today to keep fit is a WALK.My father is a regular one here.Somes i go with him.

 A morning walk makes it more energizing. It gives you positive energy, relaxes your stressed mind and wakes up your lazy soul. Apart from all the health benefits there is also an entertainment value attached to it.

You meet new people. Actually you walk with new people. Some of them are annoying and some really interesting. All of them have stories to tell and issues to discuss. You don’t know their name and profession but still greet each other with a sweet ‘Good Morning’. It’s a gesture that is included in the daily routine. Their topic of discussion varies from politics to family to neighbors to home remedies. The sense of humour and cheerful nature is so admiring. Most of them are quite elder and have experienced the tough life already. They are here to stay active and meet people and talk to them and stay fresh. The middle ageds are now turning fitness freaks so they are rigorously working on their body to keep their organs healthy and blood and cholesterol reports normal. And the youngsters are inspired and influenced by the films and friends possibly because their pace of walking suggests that they are mentally preparing themselves to this routine.

I also see parents bringing thier overweight daughters here thier concern is mostly to reduce the weight of thier daughters before marriage 😃.Mostly daughters are accompanied by thier mothers.

Well jokes apart, a morning walk rejuvenates the inner you. It keeps you fresh all day long and guilt free while having a bite of burger; wink. 

Some are busy doing Yoga and some are into exercising. But moreover you get to see the real people who are individuals. There is no business or selfish motives. They are simply there for themselves. Controlling diabetes and weight, nutritionist’s advice over health issues, recipes and family issues are all on agenda during that period. On the other hand a rigid financial budget, leader’s speech, national issues and sports become men’s point of dialogue. All of them have created a world for themselves. They have a lot to do and share. They also go on a vacation together. They are searching people to hand the invitation cards of their children’s and grand children’s wedding etc. There grows an emotional bond. They work for social causes and service the needy.

The most annoying part of this walk is when people walk in a group or making chains that obstruct the way of others. Some talk so loudly that their noise suppresses the beautiful voice of a melodious singer trying to sooth. Some stop midway to meet their friends when you have increased the pace of your walk. At such times you remember a cartoon character that applies a brake and almost flies in the air. Also there are few that don’t want to change any direction and come straight on your face. They are the people you want to slap right and left. Dude you don’t own the park. Then the next time you don’t change the way and let that person decide to bend or break.  Help your selves!

All in all it’s a the gliding centre ground that welcomes colourful people every day. They do not fit into any age or income group. They are just people who fit in to the world of well being.


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