Mogara Phulalaa.(Jasmine flowers have blossomed)

I have been listening to this sweet abhang of Sant Dynaneshwar since childhood .Sung by Lata Mangeshkar its gives me immense joy and happiness.Listen to it if you get a chance.

I feel this verses carries a deep meaning inside.I have dared to translate it my own words. I am almost nothing compared to Saint Dyaneshwar.Corrections if there will be welcomed with an open heart.


Mogaraa phulalaa, mogaraa fulalaa

Fulen wechitaa baharu kaliyaansi alaa.
Iwalese rop laawiyele dwaari
Tayaachaa welu gelaa gaganaawari.
Manaachiye gunti gunfiyalaa shelaa

baap rakhumaadewiwaru withhthhale arpilaa.
English translation

In this illusion of our worldly existence my sapling of Jasmine ( illusion ) has blossomed with flowers(Experiences of happiness & sorrow)

We percieve this illusion of life as truth enduring through multiple cycles of death and life

The small Jasmine sapling that i had planted at doorstep has reached the skies in due course of time.

With the thread of my mind a have made a garland of these Jasmine flowers( my devotion) which offer to my supreme lord Vitthal.

This will free me from this illusionary world and unite me with the ultimate realty of supreme lord Vitthal.


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  1. radhikasreflection says:

    You have done a good job with the translation Kiran. Abhangs convey a very strong value and sing praise of the Lord so beautifully. I remember listening to kishori amonkars abhangs in childhood…..have not heard many recently though.

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