Always a friend indeed

Friends are a relation that goes beyond words. They are not defined with a specific terminology. It just comes to you and stays or leaves by choice or by distance or by differences. The importance of pain and disapproval is realized first when friendship breaks or friends separate. It’s delicate and teaches a lot to you. You learn to be a person of emotions and stay connected. It’s a test of understandings and patience. It is how much you trust and give away the liberty of conversation and decision making.

Friendship has so much to give. It offers support, love, care, fun, mischief, encouragement and memories. It is like holding hands when you need the most and keeping that hold till the end without thinking or reasoning. That is a real emotion of friendship. It gives all the power to say whatever and act however you want to. There is no scope of doubt or no air to judge. It is a straightforward sentiment. There are no excuses or an escape. It is a pure side of the world, the world that you choose for yourself and decide to stay with.

But what happens when this friendship gives you a lot of extent to think before you act or react. The most crucial bond in life happens to shake and becomes unusual. You have never looked at it as a relation. You never matched your horoscopes or stars for compatibility. It is always something that just happened to you and walked along with you. But suddenly the whole idea of a pal becomes a matter of emotional turbulence. You start feeling uneasy and left out. There comes a lot of depression and pressure of saving the relation. And friendship is not a project. It should always come from your heart and not by trying.

Friendship makes you a matured person. You always respect and take care of your blood relations, you take care of your neighbours to have a peaceful stay but when you decide to stay in touch with a stranger you met at some point in your life happens to be the real meaning of buddies. It has to be the most treasured connection of your life because it taught you to be strong, independent, fearless, courageous, lovely, gorgeous, co-operative, adorable etc when your family couldn’t manage to find a way out for you.

Hence always have friends. And have many of them no matter how many stay with you, leave you or hurt you. When each of them leaves or hurts you they teach you to be a wonderful friend. And the ones who stay with you have a best friend in you.