​What Was I Thinking?

‘Writing is an ART’. ‘A Writer is Insightful, Intelligent and a Learned person’. ‘Writing needs passion’. May be! 

But I write because I like it and it makes me happy too. When I am struggling with my thoughts, I put them down on a paper and feel free. 

Writing gives me the feeling of sharing my thoughts with somebody. Somebody I am comfortable with and I know will not reveal my secrets.

I write with an open heart. I write when I feel low,when I am happy, when something troubles me, when I am disappointed, when I am delighted,but its not my frustration. Its my way of keeping cool and relaxing. 

Even if you write for yourself when you read it few years down the line the same thoughts should connect you and help you regain the context. After some years if you sit to think what was it about and why did I write this…. it may not make any difference to you!

At the end I am still writing. Writing to be cheerful and thoughtful.


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