​Social Media is becoming a completely different nation which engulfs a Tsunami of thoughts. It is literally bringing the world closer. It is a wave that hit the world a few years ago massively. Though it still existed it wasn’t identified as a tool or weapons to express, love, demonstrate, protest, appreciate etc. I would talk from an Indian point of you as it would be slightly different overseas. It all started as a platform to connect the planet. Today people use it to an optimum level effectively. They collectively start movements to get their demands fulfilled or offer condolences to the martyrs. It is used to congratulate the winning teams, players and stars of India and spread the peace messages. An earthquake or a terror attack in one corner of the world shakes another corner. It is that compelling. It has the power to go viral.

Social Media is not just restricted to twitter and Facebook. It has a lot of big and small other platforms that generate a lot of business and cater to different parts of the world. The other top social networking sites are Instagram,Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr, Vine  & WordPress. The list doesn’t end here. But these are the few sites which are used on a large scale. Every site has its own USP. Some are informative, some are newsy and some are to make friends. YouTube that exhibits an array of videos from all over the world and reaches to millions of people is also a social medium. There is one similarity in all the social media platforms; that it gives you the opportunity to speak.

Social Media has become an addiction to all. However it has also raised a medium for new artist to let somebody see their talent like writing, photography, sketching etc. Many use it to display their personal emotions and share their moments with their friends and followers. The whole network is easily accessible and free. Wherever you are on the go or at home or office or college you meet millions who are just few clicks away. Post status, upload photos, check in, celebrate, tag and let the world know. It has become that trouble-free.  It is gradually becoming a mode to enhance one’s self. This is a user’s experience. Even celebrities and famous personalities connect using these mediums. They are more open to share their current locations, photos and plans for the future. Politicians also use it extensively. May be it is their approach to show that they are working.

The marketers see it as their potential way of promotion. Whether it is a movie promotion or a brand building exercise, social mediums are the best. But they are no more free or cheap mediums. Presently the whole world is in the digital zone spending and gaining aggressively. Marketers used to plan a 360 degree ad campaign which meant print, electronic and outdoor. It later added digital marketing to it. Today Digital Industry is a separate tool for advertising and itself has a 360 degree campaign. World is changing my friends. Or should I say it is developing? On one hand political leaders still promise to provide electricity and water before elections and on the other they put their step forward to digitalize India.  A little contradictory I agree but not unimaginable as Rural and Urban India uses a mobile phone and would very soon start using a smart phone entirely.

Every coin has two sides. Clearly it has its own disadvantages. Few ruthless people use the medium for all the wrong things. Every medium has its own rules and policies. But some find their way out to do their bit. Cyber crimes are not new to us. Let us hope for some action on them.

Social media has witnessed lots of changes and transformation in the society as well as universe. In many cases it is the driving force for the change. It has plenty of case studies that will be passed from one generation to another.



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