I am like a butterfly.
When compared to the world I am so small,

yet I carry with me history and with that I become beautiful.

My experiences and memories color in my wings.

With these vibrant colors I am able show people the real me.

But is that a good thing?

Yes, because I open myself up to people; the way a butterfly does it wings.

And no, because in between these colors is black…

Representing my pain. 

Showing all my vulnerabilities to the world.

However, without this pain then how would I have wings?

Why should I be afraid to show who I am?

I need to have the courage of a butterfly.

Spread my wings with confidence and acceptance for the person I am today.

Show that I am who I am because of the blackness between the vibrancy.

There is a reason for everything I’ve been through.

Pain is not always a sign of weakness, but a sign of progress and growth.

I am becoming stronger, I am building my wings.

I am my own imperfect masterpiece.
Today I continue to color in my life, so that one-day I can open up my wings to everyone and fly away.

Prove that life can get hard but in the end when it’s time to fly, 

that pain no longer matters.

All there will be is an imperfect masterpiece. 

A life…. Filled with people, memories, pain, laughter, and love.

In the end, 

there will be a butterfly.


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